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Our Hypnotherapist, Asher Fox, is an internationally recognized mind/body expert who, for 19 years, has specialized in the rapid resolution of a variety of emotional and physical symptoms.

Our Hypnotherapist

Asher Fox, CCHt

Asher Fox is a Subconscious Behaviorist, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, holds Florida State Licensed Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and is also a Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor & Examiner, EFT Practitioner, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Licensed NLP Instructor, and a Relationship & Singles Coach.

Asher is also the author of the #1 Amazon & Kindle Bestselling Book, Fat to Fearless: Enjoy Permanent Weight Loss and End Emotional Eating… for Good! and has appeared on numerous national television and national and international radio shows discussing the mind’s ability to effect the body not only as it relates to achieving permanent weight loss, but a variety of other emotional and physical symptoms as well. He is passionate about helping those who have suffered from chronic weight or emotional issues finally break free from their cycle of suffering that has often been exacerbated from a lifetime of trying other remedies that weren’t effective.

Asher is also an active member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, The Relationship Coaching Institute and The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. He has taught Clinical Hypnotherapy at Florida’s only state licensed Hypnotherapy School as well as been on the faculty of two other institutions teaching the next generation of therapists and life coaches with courses ranging from Understanding the Subconscious Mind and Creating Trust & Intimacy to Self-Directed Neuro-Plasticity.

Experienced and professional, he has been getting amazing results with clients for 19 years and is passionate about improving the lives of others. Asher specializes in emotional disturbances, chronic sadness, weight loss, emotional eating, Fears & Phobias, getting over breakups, sexual dysfunction and loss of sex drive, Hypnotherapeutic Infertility Treatment, childhood sexual or emotional trauma as well as helping singles heal the Subconscious issues that drive them to make poor relationship choices that often cause them to continually find themselves in toxic relationships or relationships in which they end up feeling abandoned.

Asher has pioneered the integration of several fields of study into a comprehensive therapeutic approach that creates rapid and lasting improvements in the lives of his clients where prior forms of therapy and treatment proved innefective. His approach simultaneously addresses the subconscious, conscious and environmental levels of human behavior in a way that creates rapid generative change and lasting life-long results. Asher has extensive experience as a consultant and referral source for psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals who have reached an impasse in their client’s treatment using more traditional methods.

Asher has the highest credentials in Subconscious Behaviorism, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching for Singles, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as additional training in EFT and Client Affect Regulation Tools.


Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Board Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner
Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor & Examiner
Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP
Licensed NLP Trainer
Cognitive Behavioral Coach
EFT Practitioner
Life & Career Coach
Singles Relationship Coach
Licensed Design Human Engineering Practitioner
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Asher Fox, CCHt, MCC