Orlando Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Orlando's #1 Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program

Orlando Hypnotherapy is the home of #1 best-selling author and internationally recognized weight loss expert Asher Fox. Asher has been featured on a variety of television and radio programs around the world where he has been invited to discuss his amazing results with clients in the program that resulted in his book Fat to Fearless: Enjoy Permanent Weight Loss and End Emotional Eating… For Good! After weighing 300 pounds himself and realizing he needed a permanent solution to what was truly a subconscious and emotional problem, Asher made permanent weight loss his life’s work.
weight_loss_Hypnotherapy_BeforeFor over 19 years Asher has specialized in helping clients end emotional eating for good and stop subconsciously sabotaging their weight loss.

Unlike other Orlando Hypnosis Weight Loss Programs, Asher Fox’s approach to weight loss simultaneously works at the conscious, subconscious and environmental levels of change to ensure that you don’t just lose weight, but you become a thinner person from the inside out. Once you experience Asher Fox’s Weight Loss Change program you and your body will never be the same again in a very good way

Did you know that your unconscious mind controls 88% – 92% of the results you get in life?

Asher’s approach to weight loss combines Clinical Hypnotherapy, food psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, and EFT all brought together through his own personal experience of losing more than 120 lbs and successfully working with 1000’s of weight loss clients over the past 19 years.


Individual one-on-one sessions and support material that will: weight_loss_Hypnosis_After

  • Changing childhood beliefs around your body, food and self-esteem that may be causing you to sabotage your diet.
  • Eliminate hidden food triggers that cause you to mindlessly eat by rewiring them at the neurological level.
  • Employing your subconscious mind, which regulates your autonomic nervous system, to automatically increase your metabolism.
  • 10 Hypnotherapy support audios to work with your in-person sessions to ensure that you are being supported 24/7. These sessions specifically target everything from food cravings to night time eating to over eating during social situations
  • The Stop Craving Toolkit: This is Asher’s customized solution where you will learn over 10 powerful techniques that you can use to stop cravings in their tracks!
  • Access to additional online support resources
  • A copy of the Fat to Fearless book, workbook and entire program to use with your in-person sessions.



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