Orlando Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

Would you like to eliminate your fear of flying using hypnosis in Orlando? If so Orlando Hypnotherapy Clinic specializes in quickly curing fears and phobias and can have you feeling peaceful and calm on an airplane sooner than you may expect. Fear of flying and airplanes can be one of the most troublesome phobias because it restricts our ability to travel in the modern world. Even though you may know that statistically planes are actually safer than cars it doesn’t help stop the fear and panic when it comes time to fly. This is because the origin of this phobia is in your subconscious mind and quite frequently may not even have anything to do directly with airplanes.

Quite frequently fear of flying has to do with subconscious issues of control or hidden childhood memories that you may not even be aware of. After all, if the fear was actually based on the likelihood of you being in an accident you would actually be 29 times more afraid of driving (to be statistically accurate). Using Clinical Hypnotherapy to uncover the hidden subconscious reasons for your fear, along with a few other powerful techniques, allows us to quickly eliminate your fear of flying with our hypnosis program. If you have a fear of flying, want to use hypnosis, live in Orlando and want to enjoy your time on airplanes call us today and take advantage of our Experience and expertise in quickly eliminating fears and phobias.


Our Integrative Hypnotherapeutic approach helps resolve these symptoms and many others:

  • Muscle tension and tremors when thinking of flying
  • Heavy difficult breathing
  • Abdominal discomfort and intestinal issues
  • Heart pain and palpitations
  • Sweating, dizziness and weakness
  • Feelings of panic and anxiety
  • and many more not listed here


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