Orlando Hypnosis for Fear of Needles

In today’s modern world of fear of needles and injections can be very troublesome and disruptive to your life. We all require medical care at one time or another and needles and injections are almost always a part of that process. Beyond the need for acute medical care, annual vaccinations are another time where a needle phobia can prevent you from doing something that is in your best interests. Our Orlando Hypnosis Fear of Needles Solution quickly resolves your fear of injections and needles to allow you to receive whatever medical care you need anxiety free. Our hypnosis solution is so effective because instead of focusing on the conscious symptoms we go directly to the subconscious root cause.

While it is sometimes the case that a needle phobia originated with a bad injection experience, more often than not needles or the very concept of being injected became linked with something else at the subconscious level in childhood in such a way as it now creates a feeling of fear and panic any time you need medical care that requires a shot. Usually you have no conscious memory of how this fear originated, which is why using hypnosis for a fear of shots is so effective because we are able to uncover the phobias hidden origin and quickly eliminate it.


Our Integrative Hypnotherapeutic approach helps resolve these symptoms and many others not listed here:

  • Chest pain and heart palpitations at the thought of getting an injection
  • Sweating, dizziness and nausea
  • Avoiding medical care
  • Hyperventilation and breathing difficulties
  • Paranoia during any routine medical visit


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