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Radio & TV Interviews with Asher Fox, Clinical Hypnotherapist and # 1 Bestselling Author. Listen to entertaining interviews with award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist & Subconscious Behaviorist Asher Fox as he is asked about his #1 Bestselling book, his own 125lb weight loss, and the secrets behind his phenomenal success rate at getting to the root of client's lifelong issues and working with them to permanently resolve them.


Interview on The Daily Buzz!



Interview on "The Shift"


 It led him ultimately to create the most comprehensive arsenal of psychological tools assembled to date to overcome, convert and enroll the subconscious mind in the healing process. Fat to Fearless: Enjoy Permanent Weight Loss and End Emotional Eating...For Good! is what everyone who struggles with emotional eating has been waiting for. Why Fearless? Because, Fox says, it is fear that lies at the heart of every emotional often - unconscious fear that reinforces the desire to eat to avoid some aspect of pain. That's why reaching and changing the subconscious - which is exponentially more powerful than the conscious mind - is so critical.

Shifting Confidence & Drive with Bestselling Author Asher Fox

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Permanent weight loss Interview on Moms and Family FMMK Radio

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Interviewed by Johnny Tan on FMMK

Are you looking for the tools, motivation and activity to conquer your yo-yo weight gain? 

Are you secretly afraid you’ll be overweight forever?

Asher Fox is a Subconscious Behaviorist, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. His number one Amazon and Kindle Bestselling book, Fat to Fearless: Enjoy Permanent Weight Loss and End Emotional Eating... For Good! reveals a unique approach to successful body transformation that looks beyond the latest weight loss plans and fad diets.




Asher Fox lost 100+ pounds. Now he helps others to lose weight and keep it off with a twist. He uses the subconscious mind.

In this interview Asher explains how we form our subconscious beliefs during our childhood. As children, we interpret our experiences with our child-like minds. Without the benefit of experience that maturity brings, we are left with limiting beliefs that end up running our lives that we aren't even consciously aware of.

Consequently, we prove these beliefs to be true over and over again through subconscious self-sabotage. Asher answers how can we eradicate these self-limiting beliefs and live a more fulfilling life in our health and relationships?

Interviewed with Lori Boyle from Women’s Voice Magazine

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Prosperity Place Interview

Asher Fox talks about the subconscious mind, weight-loss issues, and about how his techniques and Clinical Hypnotherapy can be used for altering unproductive financial behaviors.

  • What makes one person more willing to change than another. Asher asks the question, “Have you suffered enough?”
  • Time doesn’t heal, it’s what we do with time.
  • Childhood trauma often interferes with a person’s willingness to change.
  • How the fear of being disloyal to a family member can hold people back.




  • You need a big toolkit when dealing with the subconscious mind.
  • Hypnosis is a powerful modality that can free people of problems quickly.
  • Asher discusses the difference between talk therapy and clinical hypnotherapy..
  • To implement change, you have to work with the consciously, subconsciously and environmentally, which includes your relationships.
  • Can people really reverse deep-seated issues on their own?
  • Difficult childhood situations lead to the development of soothing behaviors such as overeating, overspending, gambling, etc.
  • Asher focuses on underlying belief system that inform behaviors.It’s important for people to get help adapting to new behaviors.
  • The primary function of the subconscious mind is to prove us right and gears your behavior to prove your beliefs, such as “I’m not good enough.”


Interview on Emotional Mojo!

Interview with The Inspiration Show!

Interview with Self Discovery Radio

Interview on Think, Believe & Manifest with Constance Arnold

This is a sample of dozens of media interviews featuring Asher Fox. For more great information, radio and TV appearances be sure to Google his name.

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